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My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

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↳ After she’s grown up, will she forget about us? I use to think of Hiyori as just someone to use. But… for our sake, Hiyori always does her best. She’s such an idiot, isn’t she? We’re not even living to begin with right? Hiyori, she’ll keep growing up and she’ll become whatever she wants to be. It’d be nice if we could just keep on being friends with her.

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Yato, do you want Hiyori to use YOUR jersey that BADLY?

Lmao~ xD


First post with one of my favourite cosplay ! Merida from Brave ! 

Hey guys ! I open a cosplay blog ! It’s more easy for me to post everything about cosplay in this blog ^-^


❀ "I want to be an existence that brings happiness.”
❀ "I am your lead, your blessed regalia.”
❀ "Be the one he can rely on.”

❀ "We are family.”




Yato - Noragami 

I FINALLY got my wig! *www* I couldn’t resist the need to cut it and test it today! Hope you’ll like it! >w<
Sooo, Yato is complete now. >w<
(*Wanna shoot* *ww*) But before that, I wanted to make some gifs! xD
Btw…. Did you know that Eren-hunter will cosplay Yukine? *_* 8DD (The ereri seiyuu duo agaiiin! xD <3 I can’t wait to see her as Yukiiii <3 <3 Hope she won’t hit me too much though ;o;) 

And my Petra will cosplay the little Nora (and maybe other characters too xD), there’re so many interesting photos to make *_*
(I’ll have my two closest friends as my two shinki, how cool is that? *Happy God*)


read up on the manga and rewatched marineford arc and now im lying in a pool of tears


リクエストまとめ by: まゆポン

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this is literally perfect

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